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2nd Annu­al Stay Home and Sup­port the Library

Your Tick­et to Con­nect Your Community

Sep­tem­ber 1 – 302021

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Based on last year’s suc­cess and the desire for the con­tin­ued safe­ty of our donors, we invite you to par­tic­i­pate in our 2nd annu­al Stay Home and Sup­port the Library non-event to sup­port the Take the Inter­net Home with You ini­tia­tive. The Take the Inter­net Home with You ini­tia­tive was launched in 2017 as an effort to bridge the dig­i­tal divide for DeKalb Coun­ty cit­i­zens who may not have home inter­net access. It enables a patron to check out a hotspot device for 21 days. Our goal is to increase the num­ber of mobile hotspots avail­able for check­out at DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library (DCPL).

With help from donors such as you over the years, DCPL now offers more than 200 hotspots for check­out. The devices are always checked out and there is a need for more. Please con­sid­er a gift to help us reach our goal of $30,000 so that DCPL can add more than 60 devices to the cir­cu­la­tion. An inven­to­ry of close to 275 devices would allow more than 3,600 patrons the oppor­tu­ni­ty to check out a device yearly.

The COVID-19 pan­dem­ic exposed just how vast the dig­i­tal gap is in our com­mu­ni­ty. Patrons report to us they need this ser­vice now more than ever. The hotspots help them stay con­nect­ed to school resources, search for jobs, access health­care infor­ma­tion, and remain con­nect­ed to the world around them.

We have been using the pro­gram for two years. If we didn’t have it, life would be unbear­able. I have two school age sons. When the pan­dem­ic hit, we wouldn’t have been able to access school with­out it. I’m grate­ful that DeKalb Coun­ty has this pro­gram.” – Zeta C.

There are many of us out here that are under­served and the library helps to bridge this gap. What the library does is empow­er­ing. We depend on it. We are so thank­ful for all you do.” – Leli­ta T.

I am a senior who is going back to col­lege. The sig­nal in my assist­ed liv­ing com­mu­ni­ty isn’t very strong. I use the hotspot for research and video calls. I love the ser­vice.” – Bar­bara M.

Please think about what you are not spend­ing on a for­mal fundrais­ing event this year and con­sid­er mak­ing a dona­tion to sup­port this impor­tant ini­tia­tive. Any amount is appre­ci­at­ed. The ones below help con­tribute to the long-term suc­cess of the program:

$1,000 will spon­sor ser­vice for 1 hotspot for 2 years

$500 will spon­sor ser­vice for 1 hotspot for 1 year

$250 will spon­sor ser­vice for 1 hotspot for six months

Dona­tions of $500 and above will qual­i­fy to have the donor’s name rec­og­nized on a hotspot case.

Donate Now

To par­tic­i­pate, please make your con­tri­bu­tion by Sep­tem­ber 30, 2021. Thank you for your generosity.